Observers of the Civil Network OPORA report that as of 11am the following polling stations in Kyivska oblast have not opened yet:
  • Polling Station #106 of Election District 91: the quorum required according to the Law of Ukraine "On Election of the President of Ukraine" has not been secured for two hours. The number of voters registered at the polling station is 629 voters. There are lines of voters gathering at the polling station and their frustration is increasing. The PEC head left for the District Election Commission.


  • Polling Station #95 of Election District 91: election commissioners of Matiushi village in Kyivska oblast faced the similar problem. The situation at the site is getting worse because the commission head cannot get organized and solve the problem. Voters are suggested to go home and come later. Voters being frustrated of the commissioners` failure to work attacked the commission head with obscene words.