As of 12:00 PM, observers of the Civil Network OPORA reported some non-systematic violations. For example, there were many incidents when ballot papers were issued without passport verification. Thus, observers detected such violations at 6 polling stations in Volyn, Poltava and Chernihiv oblasts.A group of people was detected receiving ballot papers without passport verification at PEC #530455 (SMD #151). The incident was reported to the police. The other attempts to issue ballot papers without passport verification were noticed at polling stations #530706 (village of Maliutyntsi, Pyriatynskyi raion) and #530466 (village of Sencha, Lokhvytskyi raion). However, commission members stopped such attempts after observers made a remark.

Some incidents when citizens took pictures of their ballots were detected in Dnipro (SMD #27). In particular, violation of the vote secrecy was detected at polling stations #121168 and #121465. Besides that, OPORA's observers at PECs #121180 and #121201 reported incidents when voters were trying to take ballots out of polls.

Organized transportation of voters was detected by OPORA's observers at PEC #121299 (SMD #27). Thus, such incidents were reported in Kherson city, and settlements of Heolohiv, Sukharne, Zhytloselysche and Komyshany. Transportation of voters, or free transportation services, may be considered as voter bribery if combined with campaigning.

Members of election commission at polling station #440230 (Luhansk oblast, village of Tyshkivka) started the voting without stamps of the polling station on ballot papers. On the moment it was noticed, 64 voters had managed to vote at the polling station and 17 at home. The PEC decided to leave the ballots without stamps in ballot boxes until the end of election day.

Unknown persons at polling stations #740683 (village of Hrybova Rudnia) and #740682 (village of Oleksandrivka) presented themselves as assistants to MPs and tried to control the voting process. The persons refused to show their certificates and register in observer registration journal. There were other facts of unauthorized persons attending polling stations in Luhansk oblast (PECs #440297 and #440552).