The United States of America will continue to support Ukraine in the implementation of reforms and strengthening its democratic institutions. This was stated by US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink on June 27 during the civil society summit "Security Guarantees for Ukrainian Democracy in Times of War", organized by OPORA.

According to the Ambassador, a recent poll by NDI shows that Ukrainians have one view of their future, and that's a strong democracy. 

“What does that mean? Equal justice for all, freedom of speech, a government accountable to its people. This is the aspiration, as you said, Olya, that the people of Ukraine have demanded over and over again. In 2005, when you braved a cold winter on the Maidan in 2013, and for which your brave heroes are fighting, fighting for right now. It's this long-held aspiration that also inspires us. I want to look back just 10 years to the Revolution of Dignity and to acknowledge the very real progress that you have already made,” Bridget Brink said. 

She added that Ukraine is now in the face of Russia's effort to control Ukraine’s destiny, to determine its future, and to take away its sovereignty

“And that's why it's so critical to emphasize the non-military, non-security dimensions of Ukraine's security agreements. I'm so proud that we, the United States, signed a historic 10-year security agreement just earlier this month with President Zelensky and President Biden. This agreement joins more than a dozen other countries who have made the same commitments to Ukraine's security. As part of our agreement, and as an important part of Ukraine's long-term security, our support includes support for your reform path. And the simple fact is this, continued progress on that is key to your populations, your people, and your leadership's aspirations to join the EU and NATO.” the Ambassador said. 

She also mentioned that Ukraine made incredible progress even during Russia's full-scale invasion. 

“And Ukraine and you have made incredible progress even during Russia's full-scale invasion. I just have a few [things] that I can even think of since I've been here in the last two years plus. One is strengthening Ukraine's anti-corruption institutions. When I came, there were no heads of any of the anti-corruption institutions in place. And since then, there has been a credible, transparent process that includes input from international partners to do so. Number two is using and expanding digitization in order to improve public services, in order to reduce corruption in the provision of these services, including in the recovery and reconstruction process. Three is passing corporate governance reform that meets OECD standards. Four are steps to strengthen the justice sector. And then lastly, there are steps to improve the business climate. And I'm really pleased to see the Rada pass the Bureau for Economic Security reform legislation, which will help to reboot an institution to also give confidence to those businesses that are looking to invest in your future.” Bridget Brink said. 

She noted that the US are a partner of Ukraine in each of the reforms and will continue to support Ukraine in strengthening its democratic institutions, particularly in preserving the vital role of civil society and independent media, as well as transparency in government processes. 

“The bilateral security agreements are a holistic approach to your security. Obviously, first and foremost, you're fighting for your territory and not just territory, for your people, for your communities, for the families, for what is Ukraine's sovereign land. But you're also fighting for this future. And these agreements reflect our solemn commitment to your, to the Ukrainian people's, chosen future,” the Ambassador added.