For almost all 17 years of our work we were seen as experts in the field of election (civil observation, legal reforms, etc., but we have other successful and wider experiences. 

Full-scale phase of the Russian War in Ukraine became a challenge for OPORA, as well as for other Ukrainians. On February 24, 2022, each one of us asked ourselves how we can be useful for the victory of Ukraine,  and which skills and capacities OPORA already has to invest in the future. 

Part of our team became experts in international humanitarian law, applying best experience and practices. We also started to track hate speech, events, speeches and decisions of the territory of the Russian Federation that directly influence the war. Moreover, OPORA's work is aimed to ensure that after the lifting of the martial law Ukraine returns to the civil system of management in the legal way, restores and reforms all democratic institutions. 

Having expanded our sphere of competence, we felt the need to transform our appearance, too. 

The foremost purpose of our rebranding is to emphasize the experience and expertise we gained during many years of work, along with integration into contemporary life of our country and deep understanding of today's processes. 

The main sign of our organization, our favorite triangle, remained the same. However, we re-interpreted the colors, added some freshness, modernity as well as timelessness. 

We change according to the requirements of out time. We work in Ukraine and for Ukraine. We act on the side of good!