The quantity and types of violations, detected by OPORA's observers at polling stations remain quite the same on the final stage of election process (4:00 PM - 20:00 PM).The most widespread type of violations: issuance of ballots without passport verification (7 PECs); attempts to take picture of a ballot paper (7 PECs); and attendance of unauthorized persons at election site (6 PECs). Other violations: obstruction to activities of observers (5 PECs); attempts of ballot box stuffing (2 PECs); attempts to take a ballot out of polling station (2 PECs).

Observers have also noticed partially filled in tabulation protocols at two polling stations in electoral district #85. The first was PEC #260963 in Kalush, where observers detected 18 protocols with wet stamps and surnames of commission members. The second was PEC #260304 in the village of Novytsia (Kalush raion), where observers noticed protocols with surnames and signatures of PEC members. Observers have drawn up violation reports and informed the police about both incidents. Thus, the police has initiated two criminal proceedings based on OPORA's reports.

Observers noticed issuance of ballots without passport verification in all electoral districts. At PEC #530498 (Poltava obl., village of Sheky), commission members made a few attempts to issue ballot papers without passport verification. Some time later, commission members tried to issue a ballot paper to a voter who had another person's passport. These illegal activities were stopped after a remark from observers. In PEC #070294 (Volyn obl., village of Bashlyky), over 50 ballot papers were issued to the voters without passport verification. Thus, OPORA's observer has drawn up a report on violation and submitted a complaint to the DEC. Some incidents ballot papers issued without passport verification were noticed at PEC #070228(the village of Dobre, Kamin-Kashyrskyi raion), PEC #070309 (the village of Karpylivka, Kivertsi raion) and PEC #070681 (the village of Zamostia, Manevychi raion). In Poltava oblast (SMD #151), ballot papers were issued without passport verification at two polling stations: #530048 (the village of Berezova Luka, Hadiach raion) and #530503 (the village of Krutyi Bereh, Lybny raion). These violations of electoral legislation were reported to the police. At polling station #260586 (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, village of Kutsi), commission members attempted to issue ballot paper to a voter who didn't have passport; at polling station #260611 (village of Yunashkovo), some voters received ballot papers without showing their passports. Observers recorded this on video. Besides that, they have drawn up a violation report and informed the police about the incident.

In the end of election day in Chernihiv oblast, some voters attempted to take pictures of ballot papers. One incident occurred in precinct commission #740674 (village of Mokhnachi, Ripky raion). Another incident was detected at precinct commission #741102 (School #35, city of Chernihiv). Observers have drawn up a violation report.

At PEC #530498 (Poltava oblast) commission members obstructed to OPORA's observer recording a video. Besides that, they didn't stop illegal actions after observer's remark concerning obstruction to activities of an official observer.

At polling station #741102 (School #35, Chernihiv city) representative of the Radical Party of Oleh Liashko Dmytro Linko was present during the vote count process. At polling station #740666 (village of Zaderiivka, Ripynskyi raion) village head wanted to attend the vote count process but changed his mind and left.