OPORA's observers reported a number of violations from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Although not wide-scale, most of them prove that electoral subjects grossly violated the law.

SMD #114 (Luhansk obl.), for its part, hasn't settled the problem with authority of PEC members, included to the Commission on 17 July 2016 already. Besides that, observers noticed at some other polling stations in the districts former PEC members and individuals who cannot prove their authority worked as commission members. Besides that, a number of newly-appointed commission members are still waiting to gain their authority after the voting on the final meeting of the PEC. OPORA calls on the CEC to urgently provide the commissions all the necessary assistance and explanations to solve the issues with their functioning.

Observers also reported issuance of ballot papers without passport verification at 6 polling stations (PS); attempts to take picture of a ballot paper (6 PS); attendance of unauthorized persons at election site (5 PS); obstruction to activities of observers (4 PS); early filling in or signing the vote count protocols (3 PS); taking ballot paper from polling station premises (2 PS); throwing two ballot papers in a ballot box (1 PS) and some other violations.

For example, observers noticed that commission members were trying to fill in the protocols in advance in SMD #206, particularly at polling stations #740882 (village of Khmilnytsia) and #740694 (special polling station, settlement of Ripky, Central Raion Hospital).

At polling station #440240 (SMD #114, Luhansk obl.), OPORA's observers noticed that a voter, who is also a member of the corresponding PEC, put two ballot papers in the box.

A group of unidentified persons in SMD #27 (Dnipro city) were staying close to polling stations with some lists, and making marks in them from time to time. OPORA's observer took a video of a citizen next to PS #121221, who had such lists. She told they get money for the information about the voters who come to vote. It was ascertained that those “lists of voters” specified the time when the certain voters were expected to arrive at a polling station.

 At the same time, law-enforcement bodies in SMD #183 (Kherson obl.) are studying the information concerning probable voter bribery at polling station #650703.