Based on the reports of OPORA's observers, preparatory meetings and beginning of the voting process in 17 July 2016 parliamentary by-election in Ukraine occurred in accordance with the law and in a calm atmosphere. The voters are able to vote at any polling station without hindrance. However, there were some organizational difficulties and conflicts at some PECs.

For example, some PECs didn't keep the minutes of their preparatory meetings, and the voting has started earlier than 8:00 am at 26 polling stations.

Some PECs didn't manage to conduct preparatory meetings on time and timely open the election precincts. There was a conflict on a preparatory meeting of polling station #440552 (SMD #114, Luhansk obl.) concerning the authority of PEC members, because there were some substitutions in this commission on the election day already. As a result, the commission didn't conduct the procedures required for the beginning of voting process, and opened the polling station later than 8:00 am. A similar conflict occurred at polling station #740887 (SMD #206, Chernihiv obl.) when a person, who had been excluded from membership of the PEC yet on 14 July 2016, tried to take the authority.

Law-enforcement bodies in election district #183 (Kherson obl.) received 6 anonymous notifications about mining of polling stations, what caused evacuation of commission members and a break in the voting process.

In SMD #151 (Poltava obl.) and #206 (Chernihiv obl.), observers at the certain polling stations have noticed some problems with materials and technical means or the readiness of polling places.

There were also some incidents of illegal campaigning and dissemination of false information about candidates for MPs of Ukraine. For example, false information about the death of a candidate was disseminated in SMD #114 (Luhansk obl.), and campaign materials without an imprint were disseminated in SMD #27 (city of Dnipro). Besides that, law requirements concerning removal of campaign materials and political advertising were not observed in the certain districts.