A court sitting on the criminal case against a deputy of oblast council, former MP candidate Petro Shkutiak, took place in Ivano-Frankivsk City Court on November 8. We remind, that regional public prosecutor's office has charged Petro Shkutiak with "hooliganism "on the grounds of open disrespect to the society" and breaking the window and signboard of oblast branch of the Party of Regions. A criminal case was initiated against the deputy (Article 296 (1) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), and the damage was assessed at 10 thousands UAH

On the previous hearings, Petro Shkutiak denied being guilty of showing disrespect to the society and put forward a theory that the window of the Party of Regions was broken by a meteorite, as long as it was stated in the case that the window was broken "by a gray fragment, of concrete color". During his interview given to the OPORA, Mr. Shkutiak stressed that he is not guilty and that he's not going to pay the fine.

The court sitting didn't take place on November 8, because witnesses and representatives of the offended party hailed to come. The court has put off the consideration to November 21. However, Petro Shkutiak has pleaded guilty outside the court. On 15 November in the Halytskyi Korespondent newspaper has published an interview with Mr. Shkutiak in which he says that he did broke the window and a signboard of the Party of Regions. We remind that these events took place on July 3, after the Verkhovna Rada adopted a scandalous "law on languages".

"Throwing rocks – is not the best way to demonstrate protest, although possible if nothing else is left. I think that it's people's natural right – to protect yourself, your country, land. And this law, which confines Ukrainian language and broadens the rights of Russian language, makes it the second official language in most regions, it virtually stoles our nation, Ukrainian nation. It was a critical moment for me. And those who did it, I consider to be enemies. Enemies which should be fought." – stated Petro Shkutiak in the interview.

Nataliia Holomidova
Press-secretary of observation campaign during 2012 Parliamentary elections
in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
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