Studying the results of vote counting in the electoral district 155, OPORA observers found out that on the website of the Central Election Commission, strange manipulations aimed at increasing the gap between the pro-government and the opposition candidate are occurring.

On 29 October, around 10pm, information on one hundred percent of ballots having been processed in the single-member electoral district 156 appeared on the CEC website. According to the commission, the candidate of the Party of Regions Mykola Soroka won having gained 32.45 per cent of votes. 34,194 people voted for the pro-government candidate. Second, according to the CEC data as of 29 October, was a candidate of the United Opposition Serhii Koshyn. He was supported by 31.64 per cent of voters, which is 33,327 citizens.

After OPORA observers detected the facts of gross violations of the election law in the district 155 on 29 October, information on the CEC website has changed. Let us remind that OPORA observers detected facts of rewriting of protocols and their falsification, which caused vote recount at one of the stations and drawn public attention to the results of the expression of will at other stations. Although on 29 October, the CEC processed one hundred per cent of votes, on 30 October the voting results differed from the previous ones. It is unknown how the gap between the candidate of the Party of Regions Mykola Soroka and the opposition candidate Serhii Koshyn increased from 0.82% to 1.23%. The number votes given for Mr Soroka hasn't increased. The oppositional candidate somehow lost support of 120 citizens. It is worth mentioning that OPORA observers are not aware of any decisions of the district commission which could explain increase of the gap between the pro-government and the opposition candidates.


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