пустий протокол

OPORA observer reported facts of gross violations of the election law, which became the ground for vote recount at one of the stations of district 155 (centre of the district — Dubrovytsia).

The night of 28 October, on the premises of the district election commission of the electoral district 155, members of PECs massively rewrote protocols of voting results. When the OPORA observer noted the illegality of such acts, the commission members didn't respond. Head of the commission, to whom the violations were pointed out, didn't respond to this fact properly. He asked the observers not to interfere in the process having referred to the need to accept the documents promptly.

The facts of violations of the election law captured with a camera and video recorded indicate that massive fraud has been committed in the electoral district 155. Indeed, observers reported that to the DEC the commission members brought counted packages with ballots for FPTP candidates, which contained no information on their number. Moreover, PEC members had a seal of the station with them and blank though already signed by all commission members and observers protocols. At the district commission, they made a note of the number of ballots on packages and rewrote the protocols right away. Thus, PEC members could significantly distort the results of expression of will of citizens.

It is worth mentioning that after the observer captured blank protocols of one of the stations with a camera, Head of the DEC called a meeting on recounting votes at that PEC. However, such decision was taken only on one of the stations where new data hadn't been entered into blank protocols yet. As to the rest of the stations where similar violations were reported members of the DEC refused to carry out vote recount.

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