On 25 October, representatives of the youth wing of the party in power — members of Young Regions NGO — were handing out discount cards in Rivne. In exchange for the discount, they wrote down personal details of citizens and encouraged them to support adult members of the Party of Regions at the parliamentary election.

OPORA observers managed to record the distribution of student discount cards next to the main building of the National University of Water and Natural Resource Management. Representatives of the Young Regions were persuading students that with the card, they would have from 12% to 40% discount in shops and entertainment facilities. To get the card, one had to provide his personal information — surname, name, patronymic, place of study, mobile number, and email. In addition to their cards, students received logos and campaign materials of the Party of Regions — bags with the logo of the political force, notebooks, pencils, small corporate flags, and a leaflet with information on achievements of the authorities and the NGO. In the campaign materials, it is indicated that “thanks to the Party of Regions — the only political force which helps youth into the Parliament — Young Regions will be able to protect and defend the interests of young people in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.”


Representatives of the NGO couldn't explain to students which shops would give them discounts with the obtained cards. To find out, OPORA observers visited the website of the organisation dscard.com.ua. In the section Discounts by Section, it is indicated that in Rivne Oblast, the partners of Young Regions are Kartyny Z Burshtynu (Amber Pictures) Store, Printeria Printing Studio, Adrenalin Paintball Club, and Rivne Dim (Home) Service Repair Services. On presentation of the card, these companies will give students discounts ranging from 3 to 10%.

Activities of Young Regions in Rivne can be considered as hidden bribery of voters. When talking to the residents of the oblast centre, representatives of the NGO campaigned for the political force in power and handed out discount cards, which are material benefits.


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