The journalists of political TV program "Between the lines" (the channel "TET-Dnipropetrovsk") on October, 6th weren't allowed to come to the meeting of Dnipropetrovsk city election committee. The reason was the decree of the city mayor Kulichenko I.I. about the prohibition of video and photo devices in the city council". The territorial election committee is in the building of the city council.

According to the message of OPORA, the entrance to the city hall was isolated by the iron fence and approximately 25 police officers. Approximately equal number of the policemen were inside with the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk police department Volodymyr Sedletskyy. They didn't let the journalists to the meeting of the election committee, despite the fact that the media delegates showed their ID's. The journalists quoted the law on elections that permits them to come to the meetings of the committee. 

The media delegates arrived with the deputies of the city council and tried to get in the commision premises to find out the reason why the party "Hromadska Syla" was refused to register. After some tries to get in,the deputy head of the police department offered to ask the permission from the head of the committee. He went to the committee and told the final resolution: the journalists may interfere the work of the committee so they are not allowed to come. 


The details of the conflict are on the video:

The head of the press service of the city hall, Natalia Babachenko refutated the information about the existing decree of the city mayor about the denial of the permission for the journalists to come to the city hall and the committee. "We have no such a decree and we never had it. All the journalists are allowed to come according to their journalist ID" - told Babachenko, but one can see the opposite on the video. 

The observers of OPORA witnessed how the delegates of "Canal 34" came to the commission without any obstacles after this "decree". So we can claim the "selective" intolerance to the media. 

It's obvious that the decree of the mayor contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law about the local elections, according to which the media delegates can come to the meetings of the committees. 

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