Of course, the town hall hasn’t many reasons for satisfaction in the newspaper. But we will not delve now into the question how persuasive and objective are journalistic materials, - so that we won’t evaluate the professionalism of editorial staff. We’ll set a modest task - to highlight the causes of conflict at least in general terms.

To begin with, the city newspaper " Kolomyys’kyy visnyk ", unlike the regional newspaper "Vil’nyy holos" (which is the infallible mouthpiece of its founders - district council and district administration), points its founders in the output: they are the city council and the newspaper staff. Using the term "newspaper staff” it is obvious bust: in fact, only Vasyl Demyaniv, Myroslav Demyaniv, Dmytro Carpyak and Victoria Kokhan are the members of it. In early 1998, after obtaining the grant by the"Renaissance fund" this  newspaper was established as a limited liability company. The share of the City Council in the share capital amounted to 22,000 UAH (50%), the proportion of V. Demyaniv - 8470 UAH (19.25%), M. Demyaniv - 6490 UAH (14.75%), D. Karpyak - 4510 UAH (10.25 %), V. Kokhan - 2530 UAH (5.75%). Apparently, the developer of the statute of the newspaper "Kolomyys’kyy visnyk" take care of himself quite well.

But the main thing is not even the neutral approach to the allocation of shares in the share capital. The key point is the most important points of agreement, which concerned the management of editorial, are stoned practically forever, because in case if there were any misunderstandings, they could only be solved by the unanimous voting of all members at a meeting of the co-founders. It seems that this circumstance led to the sole editorial control style. It has come to that chief editor V. Demyaniv refused to publish a notice of City Council about the  general meeting of the co-founders of the newspaper and it was published in the newspaper "Vil’nyy holos."

The general meeting of the co-founders at least took place (in June this year), despite the "dissenting opinion" of Mr. Demyaniv on this occasion. They agreed to draft a new charter wording.  Charter is now ready. It says that the decision on fundamental issues in the management of editorial "is considered approved if it would be supported by the members who have collectively more than 50 percent of the total voting members wording, with the rest of the decision taken by simple majority."

Now we will ad only that the draft new charter of the newspaper was offered to the general meeting of founders, scheduled for September, 2.  For some reason the meeting moved to the beginning of October.