The particular concern is the fact of the full alienation of authorities from the people, the removal of the civilian influence on the political processes taking place in the country.

Recent statements of politicians for changes to the Constitution and raising the election barrier show the intent to restrict permanently the rights and freedoms of citizens of Ukraine and to freeze the features of the unlimited "elite" despotism  that were generated by the artificial chaos.

We remind that members of the Civic Assembly of Ukraine in 2007 and 2008 (over five hundred civil society representatives) stated, inter alia, the need to:

-         Abandon the using of the constitutional process for political advantage. Stop any attempt to amend the Constitution without broad public discussion and implementation of the Institute of constituent power.

-         Ensure the legislative mechanism for the people to perform the constituent power. To adopt new electoral law, legislative basis on referendums, citizens' associations and on political parties that involves radical improvement of quality and transparency of the political process in Ukraine.

We must admit: people's voice was not heard neither by powers, nor by the politicians, and this is what  in our opinion, was one of the catalysts of the next (and, obviously, not the last) political crisis, a critically dangerous for the current environment.

We consider it inappropriate and unacceptable to increase in the percentage of the electoral threshold, hence this will limit the will of citizens and their constitutional rights.

We strongly protest against the practice of juggling with the issues of national security, the value of which for Ukraine  is not comparable with the future of any politician or political party.

We believe that further neglecting of social position and requirements leads to the final discrediting of the relevant officials, politicians and political forces with their further marginalization. For our part, we ensure to bring to the attention of every citizen the information on the individuals and forces having such an irresponsible position.

We also emphasize that the measure of evaluation of politicians is not the adversarial volume of their statements and actions, but the confirmed and real attitude to the rights and freedoms of citizens, to the protection of the national security of Ukraine. In case of further artificial sharpening of the political situation, any attempts to amend the Constitution in favor of the narrow party interests or political ambitions of some politicians, we will do the appropriate conclusions and call the society to adequate response.

Only the open public debate with the widest involvement of political parties, NGOs and all the concerned citizens can lead the country out of political instability and to ensure further social development of Ukraine.