After recalling Ruslan Prysiazhnyy, the head of the Kosiv district council, from the leave, the deputies heard no reports about his work. Instead of opening the 17th extraordinary session, he tried to open the 16th, that had already took place on September, 11. On the 16th session Pertsovych, the deputy head, was excluded. Nevertheless, after this vague trying to solve the problem, Prysiazhnyy left the hall – so the deputies didn’t get the report.

New session began with the new council head, acting Oleh Solomchenko.  The deputy Dmytro Boychuk reported that Ruslan Prysiazhnyy prevented the work of the provisional investigatory commission  of the audit of the council management by closing the access to necessary materials and documents.

The deputies failed to pass a no-confidence motion against the head of the council because of the lack of members in the session hall. But, considering all the circumstances, now the chances to gather 54 votes “for” the revocation of authority of the head of the Kosiv district council are now much higher.

On this same day the coalition of the Kosiv region democratic forces lost its partner. The civil party “Pora” published the official resignation from the coalition. The main reason was the ineffective work of the organization and the head of the district council. This coalition used to take part in the conflict around the “Hutsul’schyna” National nature park and was the initiator of the local plebiscite concerning the liquidation of the park.

The plebiscite was appealed in Lviv appellation administrative court on May, 15, 2008.

The end of the session brought some explicit and tart statements. The deputy Taras Beysyuk claimed that he doubted the 80 000 hryvnias sum given for the repairing of the stairs in the council building. What is more, the deputy Bohdan Marchuk asked, what had R.Prysiazhnyy done during 68 days of business trips the last year.

The next session in Kosiv council is assigned in 14 days, on the September, 23.

It is planned that the provisional investigatory commission  of the audit of the council management will also include the representatives of the law enforcement agencies.

To be continued. Judging from the details – it will be hotter then.