Civil Network OPORA has launched a weekly online discussion OPORA LIVE. Every Wednesday, at 6 pm, OPORA experts and the guest speakers will talk about the pertinent social and political issues related to the enforcement of the principles of the rules of law and human rights in the context of a new phase of the full-scale russian invasion in Ukraine.

This Wednesday, on April, 27,  Olga Aivazovska, OPORA Chair of the Board, and Oleksandr Kliuzhev, a senior analyst at OPORA, will talk about intentions of russian occupiers to hold the illegitimate referendum in the south of Ukraine about the self-proclaimed entities:

  • Why does rf need the narrative about the self-proclaimed republics?
  • Is the russian army able to organize the vote for Ukrainian citizens (legal and procedural aspects)?
  • Is the “Kherson” scenario” bearing any resemblance to the criminal actions in 2014 in Crimea and in parts of territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions? 
  • What should citizens do in the temporary occupied territories in the South of Ukraine?
  • How should the government respond to the holding of the illegitimate vote under the occupation, and how could the case be used for communication on an international scale? 

The talk is scheduled for Wednesday (April, 27) at 6 pm. We will come on air on our YouTube channel OPORA Speaking  and on our Facebook page.

Join us!