Letter in German 

More than 20 representatives of expert organisations, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and well-known public figures such as Serhiy Zhadan ask Scholz to develop a long-term uncompromising strategy for Ukraine's victory and to provide the Taurus without delay. Other calls include support for the creation of a special tribunal against the aggressor, a formal invitation to join NATO at the 2024 summit in Washington, and tougher sanctions.

His Excellency Mr.Olaf Scholz

Federal Chancellor,

Federal Republic of Germany


Your Excellency, Dear Mr.Scholz,

We, the undersigned representatives of civil society of Ukraine, wish to express our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation for your government`s historic role in supporting Ukraine`s defense against Russia`s illegal war of aggression against our country.

We also commend your personal stand for our common values of liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, which are under attack by Russia. Under your leadership, Germany took decisive measures to rid itself from dependence on Russian energy and emerged as the second-largest contributor to Ukraine’s support. 

As Russia continues its genocidal war on our people with the objective of extinguishing Ukraine as an independent nation, we call on your government to pursue even more vigorous policy to help Ukraine repel Russian armed aggression by substantially increasing its material, financial, and military assistance to the government of Ukraine.

What is at stake in Ukraine is not just territory or Ukraine’s own future, but the historic trajectory of the world’s democracies. Ukraine, at the cost of the epic heroism and the tragic suffering of its people, became a shield for humanity from the greatest modern threat to world peace – the aggressive and genocidal regime of the Russian Federation.

In its quest for domination, Moscow is using its war of annihilation against Ukraine to shatter the fundamental pillars of the international security order which it regards as obstacles for Russia’s revanche. Russia’s obdurate actions demonstrably show that it is betting its future on defying the West. The dictatorial regime in the Kremlin is determined to humiliate the West in order to be able to seize the power to shape the world as it sees fit. Russia is mounting a hybrid war against the West and is forging a formidable anti-Western coalition to achieve this goal.

As long as Russia remains a rogue outlaw state professing the totalitarian ideology of russism, it will continue to pursue aggression as its fundamental policy. The increasing militarization and rearmament of the Russian state are bound to be directed not just against Ukraine, or other former republics of the USSR, but also several NATO members, which are under direct threat resulting from Kremlin’s proclaimed objectives of “restoring historic Russia,” and of repelling NATO. Moscow intends to – and will – strike when ready, not when “provoked” by Ukrainian defence, or by robust Western military support for Ukraine. The biggest escalation risk is not by trying to defeat Russia, but by not fully defeating it.

Your Excellency, we are at a decisive moment in history which demands decisive action of your government.

Ukraine’s military prowess and determination to fight a larger nuclear-armed enemy cannot serve indefinitely as Europe’s shield against Russia’s expansionism and its quest for overturning international order. The EU and NATO member states must finally start acting with full resolve to bring about a joint victory over Russia.

Repelling Russian aggression on the battlefield and restoring Ukraine’s sovereignty over the whole territory within the internationally recognized borders as of 1991 is the minimal condition for repairing international law broken by Moscow. But, to achieve an enduring and just peace in Ukraine, and to secure international peace, we must pursue a concerted and forceful policy to achieve the following main objectives:

• the cessation of all forms of Russian aggression against Ukraine;

• the annulment of any and all illegal acts of the Russian government violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including rescinding the attempted annexation of Ukrainian territories from Russian constitution.

• doing justice by holding responsible all Russian belligerents who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, and participated in genocide, as well as putting top Russian leadership for conducting a war of aggression on trial by a Special International Tribunal for Russia’s war against Ukraine;

• imposing obligations on Russia to pay reparations to Ukraine for its illegal aggression and compensations to all victims;

• removing Russia`s power to subvert the international security order through abusing its present role in international organisations;

• coercing Russia to reform by adopting policies to reverse Moscow’s aggressive course, such as denunciation of its chauvinist, imperialist, totalitarian ideology of “russism”, ending of its hateful and dehumanizing propaganda, termination of all forms of foreign subversion, restoring respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms in Russia, etc.;

• Ukraine’s accession to EU, and, absolutely necessarily,

• Ukraine’s immediate accession to NATO. Until Ukraine is integrated into NATO, subjugation of Ukraine will be perceived in Russia as a fair game.

It cannot be overemphasized that coercing Ukraine into making concessions to Russia for some illusion of peace, or even sacrificing Ukraine for “avoiding direct confrontation with Russia” is not going to solve the problem of aggressive, revanchist, totalitarian Russian state. Ukraine’s defeat will become Western strategic defeat.

Ukrainian society is firmly supporting our political and military leadership to achieve Ukrainian victory. We support General Zaluzhny’s recent appeal to Western governments for helping our army avoid a stalemate on the battlefield.

Your Excellency, Germany has a pivotal role in rallying Europe against Russian aggression. As the leading country of the European Union, Germany also has a special responsibility for promoting peace, security, prosperity and stability on the continent. As Defence Minister Boris Pistorius recently said, “We must be the backbone of deterrence and collective defence in Europe”. This is a responsible political position in the interest of German society, as freedom and prosperity are unattainable without security.

This is why we call on your government to devise an uncompromising long-term strategy to support Ukraine’s victory by:

• Taking a decision to provide Taurus missiles to Ukraine without further delays;

• Formally and officially recognizing that Russia is committing genocide against the Ukrainian nation and people, and has been doing so since invading Ukraine in February 2014;

• Supporting the establishment of a Special International Tribunal for Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine;

• Facilitating a political consensus within NATO to extend invitation to Ukraine to join the Alliance at 2024 Summit in Washington;

• Leading a more robust sanctions regime against Russia;

• Jointly with the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan developing a plan to restore Ukraine’s economy;

• Arresting Russia’s assets in Germany and directing the confiscated funds for support of Ukraine;

• Issuing a recommendation to German businesses to stop operations in Russia.

Victorious Ukraine as the eastern pillar of Europe’s defence against Russia’s aggression will be a tremendous asset for NATO and a contributor to stability and prosperity in Europe. Ukraine’s victory will also pave the way for German businesses to invest into Ukrainian reconstruction projects.

At a time of unprecedented challenge to global peace and security which will define the future of our world for decades to come we must stand united. Free and democratic Ukraine is Germany’s reliable partner. A Ukraine subsumed by Moscow cannot be.


Oleksandra Matviichuk, Center for Civil Liberties

Serhiy Zhadan, Ukrainian writer

Hanna Hopko, ANTS – National Interests Advocacy Network

Olena Halushka, International Center for Ukrainian Victory

Roman Sohn, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine

Danylo Lubkivsky, Director of Kyiv Security Forum

Andrii Ordynovych, Colonel (retired), former Deputy Military Representative to NATO

Alyona Getmanchuk, New Europe Center

Olena Tregub, Independent Anti-Corruption Commission – NAKO

Olga Aivazovska, Civil Network OPORA

Yosyp Zisels, The Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities (VAAD) of Ukraine, and Congress of Ethnic Communities of Ukraine

Volodymyr Ohryzko, Centre for Russian Studies

Ariana Gic, Direct Initiative International Centre for Ukraine

Olena Kravchenko, ICO “Environment – People – Law”

Mykhailo Gonchar, CGS Strategy XXI

Daria Kaleniuk, Anticorruption Action Centre

Oksana Yurynets, NGO “European cooperation Agency”

Ostap Kryvdyk, Chair, Ukrainian Strategic Initiative think tank, Kyiv Mohyla Academy

Victoria Voytsitska, NGO “National Education Association”

Ihor Seletskyi, NGO Euroatlantic course

Nataliia Popovych, Resilient Ukraine CSO

Olena Sotnyk, Justice24