Based on a statistically justified number of polling stations, the Civil Network OPORA continues to monitor the quality of compliance with election procedures in the extraordinary elections of the Kharkiv mayor and the by-elections of people's deputies of Ukraine in constituency No.184 (Kherson Oblast) and in constituency No.197 (Cherkasy Oblast).

OPORA observers register the absence of mass violations of election procedures by PEC members and other actors in the election process between 16:00 and 20:00. Some incidents concerned violations typical of today's voting, but their intensity was low. OPORA registers the absence of queues of voters in the polling stations at the time of the closure of polling stations, in the two constituencies and in the city of Kharkiv.

Extraordinary Elections of the Kharkiv Mayor

In the period from 16:00 to 20:00, in the polling stations in Kharkiv, violations were only isolated occurrences. Facts of demonstration of completed ballots by voters, incidents with the issuance of ballots without proper IDs or other legal grounds, and photographing of ballots were detected in 1.37% of polling stations. No ballot-stuffing was recorded at any of the polling stations during this period.

OPORA observers assessed the queues of voters who stayed in the polling station at the time of closing and, in accordance with the law, they were still entitled to receive the ballots. There were no such queues in 100% of the polling stations covered by the observation.

By-elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine in Constituencies No.184 and No.197

The facts of demonstration of completed ballots by voters were recorded in 0.74% of polling stations in constituency No.197 (Cherkasy region). Violations such as voters' photographing their ballots (0.74% of polling stations) were of the same low occurrence. Within this timeframe, violations of the order of issuance and receipt of ballots were more common – in 2.96% of polling stations.

Between 16:00 and 20:00, at the polling stations of constituency No.184 of Kherson Oblast, the intensity of violations of election procedures was low. No attempts to illegally obtain ballots were detected during this period. Instead, in 1.37% of polling stations, voters tried to disclose their completed ballots.

In both constituencies, there were no incidents of illegal ballot stuffing into the ballot box (casting ballots in bunches).

According to observers, no polling stations of constituencies No.184 and No.197 had any queues of voters inside the stations at the close of voting.

OPORA calls on PEC members and other actors in the election process to ensure that conditions are in place to observe the vote count and to avoid any obstruction to the legitimate activities of observers.

The maximum error of the survey for the elections in Kharkiv is 3.6%, in the by-elections of the People's Deputy in constituency No.184 (Kherson Oblast) – 3.8%, in constituency No.197 (Cherkasy Oblast) the survey covers all polling stations available.