In June this year, a main session of external independent testing starts for individuals which are willing to enter higher educational institutions in Ukraine. Despite the standardized testing is actively discussed by the public and some politicians have tried to discredit the EIT system, Civil Network OPORA deems it necessary to watch the implementation of EIT procedures and objectively assess the whole testing process. Conclusions on the efficiency of education quality assessment system, its transparency, equality, and fairness towards different participant categories can be based only upon the complex observation.

This year, representatives of the Civil Network OPORA will observe the EIT on seven subjects: chemistry, Ukrainian language and literature, foreign languages, mathematics, geography, history of Ukraine, and biology. Civic monitoring will be focused on observance of standardized testing procedures by the personnel on test sites (verification of participants' documents when entering test sites and auditorium, unpacking/packing containers with test materials, reaction to breach of duty by entrants, observance of procedures for the use of metal detectors), as well as by its participants (availability of all the necessary documents for participation in the EIT, absence of all the extra objects, technical means during the test, observance of rules which prohibit copying answers, consulting, and passing test instead of other EIT participants).

Civil Network OPORA, which traditionally secures the transparency and openness of the EIT in test sites, has started preparing to observation in 16 Ukrainian regions. If you are willing to join the EIT observation campaign and receive information about testing in different regions of Ukraine, you are welcome to contact local coordinators:

Autonomous Republic of Crimea
Renat Umerov
Vinnytsia oblast
Nataliia Velychko
Volyn oblast
Dmytro Bezverbnyi
Dnipropetrovsk oblast
Tetiana Fedko
Donetsk oblast
Oleh Hryshyn
Zakarpattia oblast
Sviatoslav Babilia
Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
Ivan Maruniak
Luhansk region
Oleksii Kormiletskyi
Lviv region
Iryna Shvets
Mykolaiv oblast
Olena Kabashna
Rivne oblast
Anatolii Bondarchuk
Kharkiv oblast
Viktoriia Shevchuk
Kherson oblast
Yaroslav Tereshko
Cherkasy oblast
Mykola Makukha
Chernivtsi oblast
Hryhorii Sorochan
Kyiv city
Yurii Khorunzhyi
Hanna Havryliv

Civil Network OPORA will operatively provide information about main observation results to mass media representatives and the public right after most of tests take place. General assessment of preparation and conduct of 2013 EIT will be published by the organization on the final national and 16 regional press-conferences in late June.

Call OPORA's hot-line at: +38(044)222 57 27 in case you need consultation on EIT procedures for individuals entering higher educational institutions in Ukraine to receive Education and qualification level of Junior specialist, Bachelor (Specialist and Master of medicine and veterinary medicine).

Detailed information:
Olha Streliuk, Coordinator of the EIT public observation campaign
063 628 68 36
Additional information:
Public observation of EIT is supported by the USETI Legacy Alliance.