An additional session of external independent testing started yesterday, 18 June. Graduates passed first tests in Ukrainian language and literature, and Russian language.

According to observers of the Civic Network OPORA which were present in Lviv School #9, none of registered graduates came to the testing in Russian language. Therefore, the assessment of knowledge wasn't conducted. We remind, that during the main EIT session only 75.71% of applicants came to testing on this subject.

The restriction of cell phone usage was typically violated by graduates on the Ukrainian language and literature test. One applicant brought a cell phone to the audience, though it was turned off. Instructors at test site didn't take any measures after civic observers drew their attention to a violation, and EIT participant continued working at test. Only after a call to the Regional Centre for Educational Quality Assessment, a person in change for the test site and an authorized agent of UCEQA entered the the incident report data into the observation card. There were also violations in a report on the end of the procedure.

We remind, that the additional session of the external independent testing is held from 18 to 22 June, 2012. Only registered applicants which couldn't came to the main session for objective reasons (participation in international contests, Olympiads, illness, death of a family member) shall be admitted to participate. Besides that, individuals which are in penal institutions, and those studying abroad during the current year can register for the additional session.

Detailed information:
Svitlana Mykhalkiv
Coordinator of the EIT observation campaign in Lviv oblast
096 21 26 185
Additional information:
Civic observation during EIT is conducted by the NGO Civic Network OPORA with the assistance of the Global Development Alliance and the Ukrainian Standardized External Testing Initiative (USETI).