15 May, together with this year's external independent testing begins the public observation of its conduction, traditionally realized by the Civil Network OPORA.

OPORA observers fifth year running will provide an objective assessment of testing process, monitoring compliance with the normative procedures, which regulate the conduction of independent assessment of knowledge by EIT participants and personnel testing centers. At the same time, when conducting nationwide public observation we contribute to ensuring equal opportunities for all participants of the testing - from the capital to district cities in 16 regions of Ukraine.

The organization announced the recruitment of public observers which will be present at testing centers (in corridors and lecture halls where entrants are to write tests), they will communicate with people resoponsible for testing centers and instructors, watch observance of rules and procedures by EIT participants and staff.

Everybody willing to become a public observer are welcome to contact our regional coordinators:



Contact information

Vinnytsia region

Nataliia Velychko

[email protected]

Dnipropetrovsk region

Yevhenii Patrul

[email protected]

Donetsk region

Alona Dolia

[email protected]

Zakarpattia region

Sviatoslav Babilia

[email protected]

Ivano-Frankivsk region

Ivan Maruniak

[email protected]

Luhansk region

Oleksii Kormiletskyi

[email protected]

Lviv region

Svitlana Mykhalkiv

[email protected]

Mykolaiv region

Olena Kabashna

[email protected]

Rivne region

Tokarska Nataliia

[email protected]

Sumy region

Oksana Khoruzhenko

[email protected]

Kharkiv region

Viktoriia Shevchuk

[email protected]

Kherson region

Rodion Banar

[email protected]

Cherkasy region

Mykola Makukha

[email protected]

Chernivtsi region

Hryhorii Sorochan

[email protected]


Vasyl Kosyi, Yuriy Khorunzhiy

[email protected], [email protected]


Maksym Mikhalkov

[email protected]

OPORA provides all the necessary information about the conduction of external independent testing and an exhaustive briefing on the rights and obligations of observers. All registered observers will get an identity document issued by regional centers for evaluating the quality of education.

We invite representatives of parent committees, mass media, NGOs and all conscious citizens who are 18 years old to participate the public observation.

Detailed information:
Olha Streliuk
Coordinator of the EIT public observation campaign
063 628 68 36.

Public observation of EIT is supported by USETI Legacy Alliance