Applicants who have shown their high knowledge scores, are deprived of student ID because of procedural misunderstanding by admissions committees. Under the terms of admission, the lists of recommended for admission for the costs of state budget shall be published no later than August 6. Subsequently, applicants who fall into the list, have 5 calendar days to make their choice and bring originals of the documents to the university. Under the Terms of admission, if the applicant has not complied with the request, a list of recommended applicants is adjusted and published again. Therefore, applicants who weren’t admitted for the first time, but with significant success and a good score, should be recommended for the second stage according to the rating. As the first group, they are also provided five days to have time to bring the documents.

However, in practice the situation is different. Yesterday  the admission boards began to fill in the free places not with applicants with the highest rating , but with those who filed the originals, though wasn’t included in the list of recommended. Therefore, children who had a chance to enter on the second turn lost it. It is unfortunate that their places were taken by people with lower scores but faster and more informed. 

The admission boards of the universities not only specifically understand the provisions of the Terms, but also are not familiar with two letters of clarification from the Ministry of Education. However, the ministry emphasized on strict adherence to requirements for development and updating of the list recommended for nomination, specified by Terms of admission and explained in the letter of the Ministry from 02.08.2010 № 1/9-519. In particular, it is obligatory to keep the five-day deadline for the submission of original documents after the publication of lists of persons recommended for nomination, and to keep the order in forming of the list. It is prohibited to enroll people from the bottom of the list only because they have already submitted the original documents. 

Today the hotline of OPORA was torn apiece by calls from graduates expecting to see their names in the updated lists. However, having come to the admission board, they were shocked by the news that their place is already full with students with lower scores. 

OPORA calls MES immediately respond to this problem and test the high school preparation to the publication and content of the updated lists of recommended for nomination to the budget places.