August 5 is the ending time for admission of the documents in Chernivtsi universities. Chernivtsi department of CN OPORA provides public observation of admissions in the two largest universities of the region: Chernivtsi National University of Yuriy Fedkovych and Bukovyna State Medical University. Following more than three week term we consider it necessary to report the following observations:

  • Chernivtsi National University is the largest high school in the region, respectively it faced the largest influx of students seeking to study in many fields. However, as it was expected by the members of the admission committee, the number of applicants has fallen sharply since July 23, compared to the first days , and by the end of the previous month has remained at significantly lower level. However, on the first of August 13 applications were filed, on the second of August - 46. That is, entrants use the extended deadline, although not too actively.
  • Panic of the parents in the early days of the filing of documents was entirely groundless, moreover, it was harmful and admission committee members worked till night, and parents were rather nervous. On July 23 the applicants could come freely and without long-term queues. It should be noted that the admission committee of Chernivtsi National University organized the admission of the documents on high level. The important step in bringing order in the first days was restricting the movement of parents on campus.
  • The main problems faced by applicants when filing for CHNU were errors in personal documents: malformed name in the EIT certificate, or, for example, mismatch of the numbers in state certificate of complete secondary education and the number recorded in the annex.

Public observers OPORA with the admission committee found the entrant that was labelled in the “Contest” information system as the winner of the academic olympiad, though in fact he only had a diploma of the participant of nationwide competition, but not the winner. Executive Secretary of the Commission in CHNU Vasyl Holodnytskyy very quickly and correctly fixed the situation, and the benefit of the entrant was deactivated. Thus were corrected the technical errors that could affect the distribution of state demand places.
Interesting fact of the counterfeit of the documents was found in the Admission Committee  in Bukovyna State Medical University. One of the students tried to present a fake certificate of  EIT. After detection of fraud, the law enforcement agencies are currently working on this case.

We remind that in the regional offices of CN OPORA there are hot lines for which applicants can get advice and all necessary information on admissions, and complain about the possible misconduct of  the admission committee. You can also file a complaint online or by calling (044) 225 32 81 and in Chernivtsi region - 063 616 04 81

More information:
Yuri Khorunzhyy
press secretary of the Chernivtsi representation of  OPORA
063 616 04 81

The monitoring takes place within the national campaign to monitor the admissions process, whose participants are OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, with the assistance of International Fund "Renaissance" and the Alliance Program to assist in independent testing in Ukraine (USETI Legacy Alliance).
OPORA is an independent, nongovernmental, nonpartisan nationwide organization, aimed at active citizens. Since its founding in 2005 OPORA serves the interests of society through successful implementation of community initiatives in areas such as housing utilities, education, elections, public control