June 21. Today, during the external testing in chemistry at school № 28 of Cherkasy,  an applicant who cheated openly, was denied the right to continue work on the test. As a result, his work will be canceled by the regulatory commission. This situation is typical for EIT 2010. However, one more extraordinary detail was the behavior of father, who was a deputy in Cherkassy District Council.  Breaking the rules, a man broke into the point of testing and created a moral terror to administration and public observers. 

He tried to convince the responsible person and observers to allow his son to continue. After several unsuccessful attempts father-deputy fainted. Personnel in the testing point had to give the man first aid. Despite the emotions of the father, son wasn’t allowed to pass the test.

Incident was reported by observers of CN OPORA, which witnessed the situation. 

While only one test in physics remained ahead, OPORA encourages students not to use cheat sheets and phones, and not to violate the EIT procedure. Crib will not help to significantly improve the outcome, but it may cause deprivation of opportunity to get student ID this year. 

On the chemistry testing 32,921 applicants registered, and 25,792 came. Turnout in chemistry is the lowest compared with all other subjects (78.35%). 21.7% of graduates changed their mind.



Contact person:
Olha Ayvazovska
Chairman of the Civil network OPORA 

Note: Observations is maintained in the national campaign
of  EIT  monitoring, one of the participants is OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, for the auspices of the International fund "Renaissance" Alliance to promote independent testing program in Ukraine (USETI Legacy Alliance) and the Project "Unite for reforms» (UNITER).