June 16, Kyiv. OPORA continues to maintain public control in 16 regions of Ukraine for conducting external evaluation. 

участь абітурієнтів у ЗНО

We remind that on June14 and 15 225 196 entrants were tested in mathematics. This subject is required for those planning to study precise sciences in high school. 39,197 graduates who wished to participate in EIT, did not appear on the testing centers, which is 14.8% of the total amount. Non-appearance of 2010 is 4.8% more than last year. Total number of applicants that did not appear to the tests and EIT is 141,041, equal to more than 9 million hryvnias uselessly spent on testing organization. 

Violations of testing procedures in mathematics were challenged by four applicants who wrote appeals, which will be considered by he regulatory commissions of the respective regional centers of education quality evaluation. 

Observers of CN OPORA recorded numerous cases of using cribs and cell phones by the participants. Works by applicants who were counting on aids and violated the procedure were canceled. These test participants also cannot retake a subject to an additional session from 29 June to 3 July. So, the vast majority of violators will not be first-year students in 2010. OPORA encourages the graduates not to ignore the procedures and leave cell phones and cribs at home, focusing solely on their own knowledge.

INCIDENTS during two sessions of testing in mathematics (14, 15 June)


In the TP, which is located in Ivano-Frankivsk school number 24, the applicant tried to use mobile phone in the toilet and get help from a third party. After that test participants forgot to mute the phone that started ringing. As a result, an applicant was denied the right to continue work on the test. 
A similar case was recorded in Ivano-Frankivsk Gymnasium № 2. Applicant spoke very loudly on the phone in the toilet and consulted about the EIT tasks . A conversation was heard by the on-duty person. As a result, an act of infringement was composed,  and applicant left the TP not passing mathematics. 

Kherson region

In Kakhovka school number 4 the applicant was late to the beginning of testing for 30 minutes. As a result, he has not been admitted to the EIT. After that he wrote the appeals in violation of procedures for testing, but denied to register it, saying “I will not give it to you. I know where it should be attributed." 

In the same school № 4 in Kakhovka two policemen decided to guard the TP. Asked by an observer, why the point will be monitored by two policemen, one of the policemen said that he came with a friend. However, the rules of the test item clearly states what the number of police officers should be. So the police officer was left without a friend. 

Zhytomyr In the TP at school number 30 in the toilet there was a "consultation" with 5 participants, who organized active "consultations" on the test problems and correct answers. Although the on-duty witnessed violations, entrants proceeded working on a test after the discussion. 


At school number 19 in Chernihiv there was the fact of cheating by the applicant. Offender was denied the right to continue testing. 


On June, 14  in school № 2, in Hust there was recorded the deprivation of the test participant of right to continue testing because of the use of cribs. On June, 15 in school number 19 in Uzhgorod the applicant was removed the cheat sheet and deprived the right to continue testing. 

Sumy At one of the TP in Sumy (SSU in room 20) the crib fell from the pocket of the participant. She was denied the right to continue testing. 

Kyiv At school number 75 the on-duty recorded that the participant uses mobile phone in the toilet. In case of violation of the act drawn up, the test was canceled. 

In TP "Institute of law and social relations" the phone of one of the participants rang – it was an alarm clock, according to his words. An act of infringement was made, the work was canceled. 

Cherkasy region The curious incident was in the gymnasium of. S.Sklyarenko  in Zolotonosha, where the policeman wasn’t allowed to enter the TP.  The administration relied on the fact that it is not provided by rules, even though the regulation requires the presence of a police officer. The policeman tried to break in during 30 minutes, and then decided to perform a service at the yard.   Public observers at the point of testing certify that there were no other violations and  explain the incident by the “overwork” of the administration. 


There was the case, when the participant of EIT took out the phone and deliberately put it on the desk (school № 18 in Lviv). Once the act was drawn up on violation of procedure of EIT and the applicant left the TP. The reasons for this behavior are unknown. 

Public observer found the notebook with formulas in the toilet of the TP (Drohobych School I-III degrees № 17, Drohobych city council of Lviv region) It is unknown if  someone used it, but the notebook was confiscated. 


14.06 in Lugansk educational complex – the specialized school number 52 one applicant was denied the right to continue to be tested because of using a mobile phone in the hallway when he went to the toilet. 

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Contact person:
Olha Ayvazovska
Chairman of the Civil network OPORA

Note: Observations is maintained in the national campaign
of  EIT  monitoring, one of the participants is OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, for the auspices of the International fund "Renaissance" Alliance to promote independent testing program in Ukraine (USETI Legacy Alliance) and the Project "Unite for reforms» (UNITER).