On June 9 at 11.30 one of the police stations in Kirovograd received an anonymous phone call about the mining of the school number 9 on Akademika Korolyova Street, 27/21. 

At 11 o'clock entrants began to work at he test questions in biology. For  testing at this point 300 entrants registered, and 259 came. 

According to observers of CN OPORA, which were present in school during the incident, in 5 minutes  arrived the investigation team, rescuers and emergencies, firemen and Security Service of Ukraine. 

All participants of the EIT, staff and independent observers were evacuated from the point of testing. Entrants  left test booklets with tasks on desks in each of the classrooms. 

At 13.00, observers report that the information on mining is not confirmed. Explosive devices were not found. 

OPORA appealed to the Ukrainian Center of Evaluation of  Education asking whether participants which were evacuated would be entitled to EIT retake during extra session. UCEQE said that decision will soon be made by Regular Commission of the respective Regional Centre for Educational Quality Assessment.

Contact person:
Olha Ayvazovska
Chairman of the Civil network OPORA 

Note: Observations is maintained in the national campaign
of  EIT  monitoring, one of the participants is OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, for the auspices of the International fund "Renaissance" Alliance to promote independent testing program in Ukraine (USETI Legacy Alliance) and the Project "Unite for reforms» (UNITER).