Yesterday, on June 3, during tests in the Ukrainian language and literature at school № 16 of Dnipropetrovsk son tried to pass a test for his father. This information came to the call center of CN OPORA, which monitors external independent testing in 17 regions of Ukraine.

Observers of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, who worked in this school reported that a young man came with someone else's passport and registered. Fraud was detected 20 minutes after the start of testing. Authorized of the Regional Center during stamping the seals on certificates noticed the discrepancy between the photograph on the document and passport. After that, the young man was brought out from the point of testing.

Also, OPORA observers report that in Vinnytsia secondary school number 26, the responsible for the testing warned graduates that there was a metal detector that could capture the use of mobile phones. Detection of such facts may lead to revocation of test results.

This significantly influenced the participants, some of which have left phone in the hallway and put the batteries out of them.

We remind that observers from the CN OPORA cover 40% of testing points in 17 regions of Ukraine. At each of the points there are 2 observers. The objective of CN OPORA is impartial evaluation of the charge of the testing, the instructors, the regular testing and recording of possible violations of  the test participants and administration.

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