OPORA expresses concern about the low turnout of entrants to the independent external testing. The state budget has already lost almost 3.5 million hryvnias because 51,780 persons mind up tests in the Ukrainian language and literature,. Last year the turnout for testing in these subjects was 94%. So, the first EIT-2010 was ignored by 11.94% of the participants

According to the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Evaluation one test costs 65 UAH. Cost structure for each of the items includes printed materials, their transportation, inspection and service of testing points with relevant personnel. Experts of OPORA estimate the loss for the state budget of Ukraine for the results of the first SET as 3 million 365 thousand 700 UAH. OPORA has learned that falling of the turnout is related to changes to the terms of admission, introduced by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine two months before testing. Therefore, some categories of applicants use innovations and are planning to enter without an external independent assessment:

- Applicants who intend to study without interruption of production at the distant department and finished school before 2007;

 - Applicants who were tested in 2008 and 2009.

 According to experts of CN OPORA, each innovation must be carefully calculated, including the likelihood of overspending public funds.

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Olha Ayvazovska