Open letter concerning the application of  Deputy Prime Minister V. Semynozhenko introducing new rules of entry that does not presuppose external testing

OPORA calls on representatives of the new government does not do actions that can stop the reform in education. The practice of compulsory external evaluation in Ukraine justified society's expectations and reduced the level of corruption in admissions. Thanks to the first steps of reform over the past two years, graduates were able to enter without the widespread practice of monetary incentives to admission committees of prestigious universities in Ukraine. For the first time in many years the critical mass of students understood that the result of the entry entirely depends on their knowledge rather than financial capacity of parents, . 

We understand the position of the part of university administration,  that are not satisfied with the innovation. High school is one of the most corrupt sectors on the results of national opinion polls, conducted by KIIS under the "ACTION Ukraine". Number of universities is excessive, and the quality of their work often does not compete in the global labor market and education. Today we should think, why, taking the significant quantitative advantage of universities in Ukraine, none of them is included in prestigious European or world rankings. Certainly, there is no ideal systems assessment, but the EIT allows eliminating subjective factors that determine the level of knowledge of graduates. Anonymity of test and the transparency of testing each year increases confidence in the primary target of reform: the graduates and their parents.

All the stereotypes of bureaucrats may be dashed, in case of appearing of the political will to hear not only the rectors of individual universities, but also children that in the last year focused on education, and the public that in recent years worked diligently to improve the system of independent assessment. Today, parents are searching for "tractors" (as universities called the teachers who helped for bribes during the introduction and training), motivates children to prepare properly for testing. 

Educational reform needs support, engagement of experts outside of politics and thinking about the interests of children rather than the rectors, who took a piece of bread and butter of corruption.