StarLightMedia media group and Civil Network OPORA will continue to disseminate social videos, produce information stories, conduct and support a variety of activities aimed to promote free and fair elections. On the eve of the early parliamentary elections scheduled for July 21, 2019, they invite every responsible media to join the new stage of a large-scale information campaign.

According to the result of recent elections, violations were rare and not systemic. This has been repeatedly emphasized by both Ukrainian experts and international observers. Thus, organizers of the campaign are planning to conducted active informational activities to raise awareness of citizens before parliamentary elections and prevent violation of passive and active electoral rights. Large informational campaign is aimed to prevent violations  on the Election Day and during vote count.

– I am pleased to note that international observers have positively assessed the level presidential election. I am convinced that the joint project StarLightMedia and OPORA for free and fair elections made a significant contribution to prevent violations during the presidential election in Ukraine, with respect to fundamental freedoms and values. We want to continue these efforts, - said the President of StarLightMedia media group Oleksandr Bogutskyi.

As a powerful media group and television leader in Ukraine, StarLightMedia will direct its experience, best practices and potential to provide Ukrainians with complete information on the eve of the election.

Olha Aivazovska, Coordinator at Civil Network OPORA, stated:

– Electoral rights violations often occur because voters don't about know their intensity, and are defenceless against bureaucracy. Violations of electoral procedures are possible when the election process is shadowed. Therefore, our common task is to educate and inform, as well as to have a proper public response to violations. The latter are easier to prevent than to fight for prosecution of offenders. The practice of presidential elections proves that we have chosen the right tool.

If you witnessed an electoral violation, call the National Police at 102, or using regional contacts of independent observation organization OPORA at If you need a professional legal aid, call at free legal aid hot line: 0 800 213 103.